• The origins of football



    Who invented soccer?

    A possible starter for :  teaching rules and school rules;

    Work with the PE teacher in your school

    Civilization for age 11-14. Questions about this series:

    What makes the scene typically British, etc.. ?

    Landscape, housing, animals, sport, etc...

    Official website

    'The series revolves around the adventures of Shaun the unusually bright sheep, now living with his flock at Mossy Bottom Farm, a traditional small northern British farm. In each episode, their latest attempt to add excitement to their mundane life as livestock somehow snowballs into a fantastic sitcom-style escapade, most often with the help of their fascination with human doings and devices. This usually brings them into conflict--and occasionally into partnership--with the grumpy sheepdog Bitzer, while they all are simultaneously trying to avoid discovery by the Farmer.'

    Source: Wikipedia

    Fun corner : Teach your pupils about anachronisms, then:


    Imagine Shakespeare wants to play football....

    Teach him the rules.

    He may ask silly questions.

    A courtier appears and suggests playing with an oval ball instead...

    Elizabeth may want to play too :)

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