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    Hi again. I'm Emma.

    I had a real problem today deciding what to wear.

    I wanted to wear something smart for work but I'm going out with my friends tonight so I wanted to wear something casual as well.

    I usually wear a skirt, a shirt and a scarf but today, I chose jeans and a jumper. Hmm... but then I thought I look too scruffy, so I'm wearing this dress instead.

    What do you think?

    Session Vocabulary

    • smart
      nice and stylish

      informal and comfortable

      warm piece of clothing that you pull over your head and that covers your upper body and arms

      not neat or clean

      modern, popular and fashionable

      smart jacket and trousers or skirt made from the same material

    • http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/course/lower-intermediate/unit-2/session-1/activity-2
    • Stuart

      My name is Stuart. I am an accountant.

      I'm wearing a dark blue suit with a white shirt and black shoes.

      I normally wear a suit every day. At the weekends I wear different clothes. Normally shorts, t-shirt, hoodie.


      Hi, my name's Charlotte. I work in branding.

      Right now I'm wearing a grey jumper, some black jeans and some black trainers.

      I am quite scruffy but normally I wear smarter clothes.

      But at the weekend, I'm smart casual.


      My name's Ed. I'm a graphic designer.

      I'm wearing a red hoodie, some black jeans and some grey trainers.

      For work, I wear casual clothes, occasionally smart clothes. It's alright if I wear scruffy clothes at work, as long as it's not every day.

      Yeah - at weekends I wear jeans and a t-shirt as well.




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