• Doublespeak / funny expressions

    Wikipedia: doublespeak

    Your dictionary: examples of doublespeak

    Introduction to doublespeak

    Before Orwell:


    Oxymoronic Phrases 

    We're alone 

    No comment 

    Turned up missing 

    Where the truth lies 

    Specialize in everything 


    The rain is starting to stop. 

    Can I ask you a question? 

    You cannot know anything for sure 

    Thank God I'm an atheist. 


    New antiques arriving daily 

    Different, like everybody else  

     ready-to-eat frozen dinner  

    As famous as the unknown  soldier 


    This page intentionally left blank  ( a student?)

    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous .

    That shoe fits you like a glove! (Prince Charming to Cinderella,)



     See also "How to speak English at the café"!

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