• The Queen 's Birthday .


    David Bailey's portrait of Queen to mark birthday

    "A portrait of the Queen by British photographer David Bailey has been released in honour of her 88th birthday on Monday.

    The black and white photo, which shows the Queen smiling, was taken in March.

    She is pictured wearing pearls, and a dress by Angela Kelly, who has served as personal assistant and senior dresser to her since 2002.

    Mr Bailey has previously snapped celebrities such as Mick Jagger, and criminals Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

    The Queen celebrates her actual birthday on 21 April, and her official birthday on a Saturday in June, which this year falls on 14 June in the UK.

    'Mischievous glint'The photograph, taken at Buckingham Palace, was commissioned on behalf of the government's "Great" campaign, which aims to promote trade, tourism, investment and education throughout the UK."

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