• Role play your way through a gun control conversation : try the activity!

    BBC Crossing divides

    Gun Control

    Could more guns make our streets safer?

    Each mass shooting prompts vocal and passionate calls for stricter gun control, with advocates for the right to bear arms reiterating their claims that existing regulations are sufficient and that guns actually serve to protect those in danger. Where do you stand?

    Crossing Divides is a season from BBC News, hearing from people around the world who are bridging divided communities. In this experience, you’ll play a person having a difficult conversation. At the end, we’ll give you feedback on how it went.



    You were looking forward to stretching out on the bus and sleeping off a late night, but the driver has let another passenger on. What a drag. You move your bag and hope that the bulge of your holster will keep the conversation to a minimum.


    You're on holiday from Lagos, Nigeria, and travelling to Phoenix on the bus. The last seat is next to a woman with what looks like a gun under her top. You're just going to have to sit next to her.


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