Freedom Ride: Turning point in Australia's race relations

    To mark the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Ride, 29 University of Sydney students will on Wednesday retrace the original journey to the towns of Dubbo, Walgett, Moree, Bowraville and Kempsey.

    L'ARTICLE REVIENT AUSSI SUR LES "stolen generations"


    Freedom Ride in 1965

    It was a trip to the local swimming pool that changed race relations in Australia.

    Eddie Pitt was a teenager living on an Aboriginal mission in the New South Wales (NSW) country town of Moree, and long used to the segregation of everyday life.

    He was barred from the pool, had to sit in the seats at the very front of the local cinema and was usually served last at the shops.

    Then one day in February 1965, a busload of 29 University of Sydney students drove into town and invited Eddie and his friends to go swimming.

    "We were just teenage kids, having a bit of fun till we got up there and found out it was something different," Mr Pitt remembers. "I sit back now and think: 'We made

    some history back there.'"

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